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Poetry Contest Entry: Lena Gardner

Wild Girl

By Lena Gardner, Age 7

It's not an insult

It's not bad

It's good because I am a

Wild girl

I am not a girl

that hates getting dirty

I love it!

I am not a girl

that cares how fancy I am.

I am a wild girl

No matter what

What matters

Is that I'm having a fun time!

and I am!

You must think being

Famous and fancy is fun.

No it isn't.

Being fancy is too hard!

You always have to pick out the right clothes!

It also hurts the planet!

Being famous looks easy!

But it isn't!

You have to sign autographs and take selfies

and have to deal with fans!

It's your choice!!

But my choice

Is to stay

Wild girl

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