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Book Sale

The Friends of the Millicent Library have an on-going book sale in the lobby of the library at the Walnut Street entrance. Softcover books are $1 and hardcover books are $2. All money raised goes directly to support programs for you and your family at the library.

National Teacher's Day Books Illustration Instagram Post.png

Here are a few quick do's and don'ts for donating books to the Friends of the Millicent Library's book sale.

  • DO donate current books and DVDs in good to excellent condition.

  • DO donate books and DVDs in a cardboard box or paper bag.

  • DO contact the library before hand and ask if they can accept a large donation. The library has very minimal storage to store materials waiting to be sold.

  • DO NOT donate encyclopedias, dictionaries, text books, and large coffee table books.

  • DO NOT donate books with markings, mold & mildew, or missing pages. The library will have to incur the cost of disposal.

Thank you so much for your generous book and DVD donations! The money raised goes directly to support the Millicent Library and its programs. The Friends of the Millicent Library are forever grateful for your generous support.

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