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Poetry Contest Entry: Melissa Gonsalves

This poem was written 29 years ago by Melissa Gonsalves when her father passed away.


Father, Father,

Where have you gone?

I cannot find you, it’s been too long

Too long without you, Daddy, I’m liv ing in fear

Won’t you help me find my way there?

There where you are, oh, way up so high

I wish I could join you, but it’s not my turn to die

I feel so lonely without you here

Daddy, I miss you; when will you be near?

I’m waiting here for you

I will not find you, I know this is true

But I will keep looking just for you

Daddy, you’re up there in that great big blue

I will try not to worry because

I will be there someday too

–Melissa Gonsalves

If you have a poem you would like to submit for a chance to win a Flour Girls gift card please email with your original poems. Good luck!

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