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It's National Poetry Month

The Friends of Millicent Library would love to feature your original poems on our blog! If you submit a poem, you will be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to Flour Girls in Fairhaven. If you submit a poem about the Millicent Library, you will get two entries. Good luck!

All poems should be sent to

The two poems below were submitted by Friends of the Millicent Library's President, Wendy Drumm.


Finding a Pearl

I walked through the brown meadow all

Dressed with lace

And suddenly right in my face…

Tiny tiny butterflies…like an orange and black shower

Drinking the sweet… nectar flower

Are they baby Monarchs? No…not at all

They are Crescent Pearls…clover leaf small


Next store is an apple tree—very old and tart—in a beach spot

Where, under its generous shade we would group when it was hot

Now I am a terrible cook—especially to bake

But I thought I would pick some funny looking apples and see what to make

So chopping away, missing the worms, and through tough greenish pink skin

I used a recipe from a box that had all the ingredients within

Now take a look...the crumble looks sort of lumpy not tasteful at all

But boy oh boy it turned out to be the sweetest dessert the fall

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